Our first midwife appointment

Our first midwife appointment went without a hitch!

It was at the Birth Centre in Ystrad Mynach and if we’re basing things on first impressions, they’d get a 10/10 from me.

Whilst completing the forms was pretty mind numbing, I found the staff really welcoming and down to earth. The midwives weren’t the only great feature either. We were really impressed with the modern facilities they had there too.

The birthing room was really spacious and even had an accompanying birthing pool. That in itself was great for us as Mel’s leaning towards the pool; even if it’s just to help manage her contractions.

With the room being so big, the midwife even said we could have as many people as we wanted in there. I think the phrase she actually used was “You can have a brass band if you want”.

My first thought when she said that was the brass band at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so I think we’ll skip the musical accompaniment.

In fact, we’re not really sure what we’re going to do at the moment. There’s a whole host of close family members that want to be in the room but it may very well end up just being the two of us.

We’ll cross that particular rickety bridge when it comes to it though.

We also had a chat about the three big appointments we have coming up.

The 12 week scan

Although in truth, it can be anywhere from 12 to 14 weeks. I really hope it’s as early as possible though. It’ll just be another milestone hit and then hopefully we can announce it before we leave Tesco.

16 weeks

Here’s what the NHS says to expect:

“[Screening will] try to find any health problems that could affect you or your baby, such as infectious diseases, Down’s syndrome, or physical abnormalities.”

The 20 week scan

This is the one that’ll tell us if we’re having a boy or a girl! I’m both excited to find out but also nervous about our bank balance following the reveal.

In truth, we’ve found a few places that are able to detect the sex of the baby at 16 weeks and knowing us, we’ll likely take that offer up.

To accompany everything we learned at the Birth Centre I kept my promise to start watching One Born Every Minute. I honestly can’t get enough of it at the moment and I’m learning so much. I honestly feel that it’s preparing me for what to expect but it’s also making me even more excited for what’s to come.

It did make us wonder if the Birth Centre is able to offer epidurals and that kind of stuff though. We’re absolutely not planning on that but until you’re there going through that kind of pain, you just never know!

Time to do some research…


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